About us

NEWEX is a Quebec‑based company that specializes in the design and marketing of an innovative product—Sportswear with absorbent technology for active women. These high‑end sportswear using a patent pending technology and are designed and made in Quebec.

NEWEX was born out of a series of prototypes conceived and developed by president founder Steve Leduc and his partner in business and life, Fanny Maude Théberge. In collaboration with Vestechpro—an apparel research and innovation centre—and a team of industrial designers, prototype technicians, textile engineers and pattern makers, the two entrepreneurs produced the perfect shorts for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence.

Inspired by a woman’s shape, the first NEWEX sportswear were created, tested, and approved by a woman for women. In fact, the NEWEX adventure began with Fanny Maude Théberge. After giving birth in 2012, she resumed her workout routine and soon found that physical exertion was causing her some issues. After testing all the products on the market, she concluded that none of the options available suited the needs, style, and pace of a 21 year old mother.

Eventually, this sparked the idea of creating a perfectly tailored product. Drawing from their backgrounds in accounting and finance, Fanny-Maude Théberge and Steve Leduc began the long process that led to incorporating the business in 2015 and patenting the NEWEX technology in 2016.

Today, they are proud to revolutionize sports for women with their sportswear designed for periods, sweating and urinary leakage. And this is only the beginning—the entrepreneurial duo is already working to expand its technological range to continue offering sports enthusiasts high quality and innovative products.

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